Farmers sail from the ghotalas to udan khatola

NEW DELHI: Farmers who have become rich overnight in States like Haryana and Punjab, where land prices have seen steep rises due to growing urbanisation and industrialisation, are splashing their cash by helicopters for weddings, reports Soutik Biswas on the BBC website.

Maan Singh, a 49-year-old farmer shelled out a whopping Rs 140,000 to hire a udan khatola (flying carriage) to ferry his son to his wedding barely 20 km away. Hiring a helicopter for a wedding is a good way of showing off your wealth in the village,” says Col C.S. Chaturvedi, who runs a rental company. “It’s a novelty for a lot of people and you attract a lot of attention automatically by getting a helicopter to land in your village.”

Full story: BBC