‘Our politicians need some integrity of thought’

Infosys chief mentor N.R. Narayana Murthy at a seminar in Madras on Saturday:

“Most of our politicians do not have the details of the Indo-US nuclear deal. However, they are taking a stand.

“When I ask them if you have read the 123 agreement, please tell me what areas which you see are bad, very few of them were in a position to give facts. However, they have already taken a position. Please avoid taking decisions based on ego, based on perceptions. Go for an analysis based on data and facts. In the end, everybody is happy.

“Quite often, I find that politicians when they are in a government they take a certain stand and when they are in the opposition, they take a totally different stand. When you ask them, what the reason is, what circumstance has changed, they have no answer. Those of you who become politicians, I request you to have integrity of thought.”

as reported by Press Trust of India