Bangalore’s in trouble, but how will you help?

Everybody has an opinion on why Bangalore has become what it has become, and who caused it. But does anybody have a solution?

As the City’s vehicular population explodes, the tree-lined corridors are being regularly and ruthlessly chopped to widen roads. But is this the only way out? Is it the right approach? And is it a lasting solution that takes care of the rights of pedestrians, the elderly, children, cyclists, pavement vendors and the physically challanged?

# Should public transportation be dramatically and drastically improved to discourage use of private vehicles?

# Should a congestion charge be levied like in London on vehicles entering the heart of the City?

Here’s a chance to make your voice be heard. Hasiru Usiru (HU), a network of concerned citizens that has over the years endeavored to work towards finding creative means in which to conserve the identity of the City, is organising a “Public Consultation” on the impacts and alternatives to the road widening schemes in Bangalore.

The date: Thursday, December 20. The venue: Senate Hall, Central College. The time: 5 pm.

Chief secretary P.B. Mahishi and members of the Bangalore Metropolitan Land Transport Authority are expected to participate. The meet has been organised by Environment Support Group, Citizens Voluntary Initiative for the City, and the Alternative Law Forum.

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