For one star-cricketer, kabhi dukhi, kabhi gum

Karnataka has had a terrible Ranji Trophy season. So far. It could just about manage to draw with Rajasthan in Mysore; it snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Saurashtra, again in Mysore; and it has been sent on a leather hunt by Delhi in Bangalore. But the dismal showing has done little to bring the mannina makkalu down to earth.

Unlike the visiting teams which have been thrilled to bits with the royal treatment they have received in Javagal Srinath‘s hometown, the Karnataka cricketers have been behaving like spoilt brats, throwing their weight, attitude and tantrums around, complaining about lack of privacy, etc, while their rivals have been humility personified.

During the second match, a Karnataka cricketer kicked up a scene—wait for this—created a scene over being supplied the wrong brand of chewing gum by the organisers. Yes, the wrong brand of chewing gum. Who could this humble cricketer be whose performance gets affected if he chews the products of a different manufacturer?