World’s best bus service took 2 years, Rs 25 lakh

Delhi’s blueline buses have killed 113 people in the last 12 months, prompting citizens to blame drivers, police, politicians and transport officials. Some even blame privatisation. Across the country, it is the same story with public transport as pilferage, corruption, impunctuality, etc, become the norm.

Former P&G head Gurcharan Das points at Indore where, in 2005, a 34-year-old IAS officer, Vivek Aggarwal, launched a public-private bus partnership based on best practices in the world with a tiny capital of Rs 25 lakh.

“Two years later, Indore has a fleet of 98 modern, low-floor buses with computerised ticket-vending. Electronic signboards at bus stops announce when the next bus is due based on satellite data. Investment in the system has risen to Rs 40 crore, all done privately. The city has made a profit since inception; so have its six private partners who run the buses. Soon, it will have 500 buses. Indore is now quoted (with Bogota) as having the best bus service in the world.”

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