One question I’m dying to ask… secularists

Narendra Modi‘s thunderous victory in the Gujarat elections—despite the pogrom of 2002, despite the scrutiny and strictures of the courts, despite the carping of human rights bodies, despite the sting operations of various media organisations—is an even more thunderous slap on the faces of secularists, pseudo and otherwise.

Nothing, not the rebel factor, not his haughty style of functioning, not the sidelining of the sangh parivar, not even the larger-than-life he created for himself, seems to have worked against Modi’s carefully calibrated brand of cultural nationalism, hinged on Gujarati asmita that tapped into the fear of the other.

What is the one question you are dying to ask secularists, who have never been able to forgive or forget 2002, who have never been able to take his claims of development on face-value, who have never been able to entertain the possibility that the overwhelming majority of people may be in favour of such politics?

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