What blogosphere is saying on Benazir Bhutto

Crooked Timber: Whatever else can be said about Benazir Bhutto, it showed tremendous courage to return to Pakistan and to contest the elections when her assassination was always likely.

sfcmac: This is terrible. She worked hard to reform a country full of misogynist, Islamofascist miscreants. Pakistan has formented terrorist scumbags and extremists for years. She knew her life was in constant danger, but returned to her home and courageously stood up to subhuman filth. To be sure, the Musharraf regime will blame the United States for brokering an agreement to let her back into Pakistan, and the moonbats on the Left will blame President Bush because everything is his fault, from their lousy childhoods to their miserable worthless adult lives. Musharraf is probably glad that someone finally got to her. She was the biggest threat to the oppressive, corrupt regime.

The Belmont Club: There were already questions about whether Bhutto—or any other candidate—could create a political alternative to the dilemma of rule by the Army or rule by the Taliban. Now there will not even be the semblance of an electoral outcome. Pakistani politics might not miss Benazir Bhutto as an individual, but it will surely want for the elections in general.

Abu Muqawama: Okay, folks, we all know she was eloquent, went to Harvard and Oxford and was a darling of the English-language media. But she was arguably the most corrupt woman in the history of South Asia. She was removed from office not once but twice on corruption charges. And ruthless? She killed her own brother in 1996. So by all means, mourn Benazir Bhutto, but those who live by the sword….

William Beutler: As I understand it, Benazir Bhutto was hardly a great prime minister—twice-removed from office on corruption charges that I presume are largely true but not the proximate cause…. I assume her reputation outside of Pakistan as a friend of the U.S. and a representative of moderate Islam— now, to borrow a phrase, martyred—may grant her a legacy that her actual record doesn’t necessarily warrant.

Michael D: There will be chaos in Pakistan because of this. F**king crazy. Holy shit.

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