What if an IT professional became prime minister

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: As the year draws to a close, still fretting about what a dismal job an economist is doing as prime minister? Ever thought how it would be if some other professional ran the country?

Let’s take a look at the one and only thing what’s likely to happen, if some of them occupied the PM’s chair:


Carpenter: Charge salary on hourly basis and screw the cabinet.

Doctor: Hold the pulse of the nation, shake head and recommend a series of illegible tests.

Cab driver: Paint Lok Sabha yellow and black and run it like crazy.

Plumber: Plug the drains in RBI and wait for the currency to dry.

Intellectual: Argue each point and blame the politicians of previous government.

Circus trainer: Pitch his tent inside Parliament and tame the animals.

Traffic cop: Use only one hand for all transactions.

Movie star: Convert nation into a set and run country on reel life

TV newsreader: Do a sting operation on opposition and break news every hour

Cricketer: Charge channels per appearance on TV

IT professional: Convert free land into call centres and talk in code.

Postman: Deliver promises after a year as dead letter

Shepherd: Skin sheep (people) and fleece the nation

Editor: Give lengthy sermons to cabinet and reverse it next day

Churumuri: Look at everything negatively, wait for comments from far and wide, and watch the fun


How would other professionals fare as PM? Tell us.