The 15 biggest media stories of the year gone by

One of the ironies of the global village is that the bigger the media gets in size and reach, the less we know of the world outside of us. Customisation, personalisation and localisation have inverted the pyramid and reduced users to an audience of one. The result is a constricted weltanschaaung, sans balance and proportion.

So while we may like to think that 2007 was about Mayawati and Narendra Modi, Nandigram and the nuclear deal, Prakash Karat‘s shenanigans and Deve Gowda‘s betrayals, Maoist upsurge and Hindu resurgence, Sanjay Dutt‘s incarcertation and Salman Khan‘s, the sensex, Om Shanti Om, and Twenty20, the truth is they are just feeble signals amplified many times over in the echo chamber we inhabit.

What made news outside of it in the year gone by?

Al Jazeera English has a fine media programme called Listening Post, available on YouTube each Friday, free of cost. In this, edition, Richard Gizbert and team look at the 15 top media stories of 2007. The survey conducted with the help of a Canadian company called Influence Communication, does not include online news, tabloid press or gossip magazines. The survey took into account the placement of the news item, the circulation and viewing figures, and how often a story was repeated in the media.