The 20 most-read stories on Churumuri in 2007

With 2007 just hours from becoming history, it’s time to look at the 20 stories that clocked the most pageviews and the most comments on in the year gone by. And like a packet of churumuri, it took a bit of this and a dash of that to make it a delectable experience on both sides of the browser.

Articles on language, literature, IT, identity, human rights, religion, cricket, technology, trends, movies, music and media, among other issues—local, regional, national and international—grabbed the most interactive eyeballs, some of them being sticky enough for the mainstream media to take notice.

To all of you, from all of us, here’s a big thank-you for making a part of your web media consumption. We wish you a new year full of peace, success, happiness, good health, and a little prosperity. May 2008 be what you want it to be, and may we all retain the hunger to question everything without ever losing our sense of humour. And let’s do everything in moderation—including moderation.


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