The 20 sexiest athletes’ wives, and 30 other lists

Google has already released country-wise lists of the most searched for items on the search engine. Time magazine has filled an entire magazine full of lists. By this time tomorrow, your newspapers will have delivered the top ten-this, the top ten-that of everything under the sun in circa 2007. Well not quite.

Below are a set of 30 links that might help you make better sense of the year gone by.


NEWS STORIES: Top ten stories you missed in 2007

UNDERREPORTED STORIES: Ten most underreported stories of 2007

WEIRD NEWS: Top eleven weird stories of 2007

SCAMS: The top ten scams of 2007

JOBS: The ten hottest jobs of 2007

HEALTH: The top 12 strangest health stories of 2007

ARCHAEOLOGY: Top 10 archaeology stories of 2007

CRIME: The ten stupid criminals of 2007

SCIENCE: Top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2007

INVENTIONS: 10 most brilliant inventions of 2007

ENVIRONMENT: The top ten trends of 2007

IT: The 2007 IT top ten list

TECHNOLOGY: The ten underreported tech stories of 2007

TECH FLOPS: The 15 big tech disappointments of 2007

TRAIN WRECKS: Top ten train wrecks of 2007

GADGETS: The ten worst gadgets of 2007

USB DRIVES: The top 10 weirdest USB drives

CAR ACCIDENTS: The ten freakiest car accidents of 2007

MARKETING BLUNDERS: Top ten marketing blunders of 2007

VIDEOS: Top ten hottest videos of 2007

VIRAL VIDEOS: The top ten viral videos of 2007

CELEBS: Top ten celebrity arrests of 2007

CAR COMMERCIALS: The top ten car commercials of 2007

SEXIEST WIVES: The 20 sexiest athletes’ wives of 2007

UNSEXIEST MEN: The 100 unsexiest men of 2007

WORDS: Top ten words, phrases, buzzwords, smileys of 2007

IMAGES: Ten top funny, odd and/or interesting images of 2007

ASTRONOMY: Top ten astronomy pictures of 2007

TOP TEN TOP TEN: The top ten top ten lists of 2007

UNUSUAL TOP TEN: Ten most unusual ‘Top 10’ lists


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