Never quite top of the heap, now even lower

A Wall Street Journal article on the diminishing fortunes of Brahmins, quotes a study by the Centre for Study of Developing Societies, as saying that close to half of Brahmin households in the country earn less $100 a month (approximately Rs 4,000). And it narrates the story through the life of R. Parameswaran, a 29-year-old school teacher,
whose strong exam scores weren’t enough to fetch him an engineering seat.

After college, he had an internship in a state-owned chemical company, but says he was told he wouldn’t be hired, as there were openings only for lower-caste applicants. He took exams to join the railways, the state banks and other government agencies, but found most posts closed to all Brahmins except the most brilliant. Parameswaran moved from his native village to teach English in a Madras school. And because he cannot afford the rent, he sleeps in the classroom.

“I am suffering. Unfortunately, I was born as a Brahmin,” he says. “I see so many Brahmins begging in Mylapore. It’s very difficult to see. It makes me totally upset.”

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Infographic: courtesy Wall Street Journal

Link courtesy Nikhil Moro