How would Modi have dealt with cricket crisis?

Much has been made of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi‘s powers and prowess, real and perceived. His drumbeaters talk of his “tough”, “assertive”, “decisive” leadership; his “no-nonsense”, “zero-tolerance” “take no prisoners” approach. Etcetera. The man himself thumps his chhappan ki chaati (56-inch chest) while proclaiming his nationalism and thumbs his nose at those who belittle our nation.

Here’s a test case: What if Modi was the BCCI chief, not Sharad Pawar?

How would Modi have reacted to all that has happened at Sydney? How would he have dealt with the umpiring cock-ups, the perceived anti-India bias in the ruling of the ICC match referee Mike Procter, with the racism charge against Harbhajan Singh?

What would Shri Modi have done to protect the pride and prestige of Bharat varsh in this clash of cricket civilisations?