Bodyline then. Now what? Bawdyline? Laadiline?

Officially, the ongoing Australia-India series is for the BorderGavaskar Trophy. But with one of the two legends himself making no effort to hide his displeasure at the farce it has become, because of the umpires, the ICC, and the Australian players themselves, here’s a nice little contest. How should the series be referred to hereafter?

Anil Kumble yesterday ended the post-match media conference with the historic words: “Only one team was playing in the spirit of the game yesterday,” words reminiscent of what the Australian captain Bill Woodfull told Douglas Jardine‘s Englishmen after the Bodyline episode in the 1932-33 series.

If it was Bodyline, what should the current series be called? Should it be Bawdyline because of the execrable language being used? Should it be Laadiline because it is below the belt?

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