Never judge an ex-cop by his friend’s BMW car

B.K. Shivaram, the latest police officer to join a long line of police officers in Karnataka politics—Sangliana, P. Kodandaramaiah, L. Revanasiddaiah, D.T. Jaya Kumar, B.C. Patil, Abdul Azeem, among others—sat down for an interview with Chetan of TV9:

Chetan: How much do you think you could have earned during the course of your career?

Shivaram: About Rs 30-35 lakh.

Chetan: After deducting all your household and personal expenses, how much do you think you may have saved?

Shivaram: You know, I come from a respectable family. One of my brothers (B.K. Hariprasad, the AICC general secretary) is in politics, everybody is in a very good position. It’s not as if I come from the footpath.

Chetan (again): How much do you think your life’s savings could be?

Shivaram: About 15-20 lakhs, maybe 20-25 lakhs.

Chetan: If that is so, how did you go to seek voluntary retirement from government service in a BMW car worth over Rs 75 lakh?

Shivaram: I didn’t go in that car; it was a friend’s car… (Later) I know who is behind your question about the Rs 75 lakh car.