CHURUMURI POLL: Will you buy the Tata Nano?

For months there has been speculation on how it will look, what it will be called, what it will have (and won’t), how it will harm our environment, how it will congest our roads, whether Ratan Tata will really be able to match his promise of a one-lakh-rupee car and so on. The Tata Nano is now here and this was how it was unveiled. It’s a 4-seater with a two-cylinder, aluminium, 33 bhp, 625 cc rear engine. It is 3.1 metres long, 1.5 metres wide, 1.6 metres tall. It has no power steering, no power windows, no air-conditioner, and will give about 20 km to the litre. Tata says it will create less pollution than a two-wheeler and that it has 21% more space inside than a Maruti 800.

Simple questions: do you like the Tata Nano? And how many will you buy?!

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