‘Campus interviews polluting schools, colleges’

The Jnanpith Award winning Kannada writer U.R. Anantha Murthy has lashed out at campus interviews and recruitments, saying that they “pollute” the education atmosphere. Corporates and campus recruiters, he has said, should be kept away from colleges and universities:

“Anyone who can speak a couple of sentences in American English gets a job which can even fetch him Rs 25,000 per month. It does not matter if the person has not even passed SSLC.

“But a person who has completed MSc struggles to get a job for even Rs15,000. People who work in call centres are burnt out by 40. They cannot even produce healthy children. Is this what we call progress? What kind of situation have we landed ourselves into?”

Suggesting that the total approach towards education should change, Dr Anantha Murthy said even an arts student should be allowed to join medical and engineering courses:

“If you churn out doctors who have no clue about the historical background of this country, what kind of service can you expect from him?”

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Photograph: Karnataka Photo News