When an outsider is the only insider who counts

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Former minister M. Mahadevu and former deputy chief minister Siddaramaiah are busy ‘dropping’ names and slugging it out both literally and vocally.

Siddu, after nearly a year in the Congress incognito is understandably peeved at being still considered an “outsider”. Benki Mahadvevu, who considers himself an original, appata Congressman feels threatened that the new “settlers” will edge them out and hog the limelight.

The “outsider” tag has a kind of outcaste stigma attached to it which is resented by Siddu and his followers. Each is swearing by Sonia madam’s name and threatening the other with dire consequences, as any insult directed against either will be construed as an ‘insult’ to Sonaiji herself!

But surely they must know Soniaji is the biggest Outsider of all Outsiders. In fact she is the “Mother” of all outsiders! This outsider has now entered the sanctum sanctorum, rather, she is the sanctum sanctorum for anything and everything that is the Congress.

She is even one better than Indira Gandhi who was worshipped by a generation of Congressmen and women as “Indira is India and India is Indira.” Very rarely you see a rank outsider becoming the only insider who counts in a 123-year-old party.


Bhajji and Symonds are fighting likewise. Harbhajan Singh, whose name roughly means the “one who constantly chants, same manthra” was allegedly accused of chanting the “Hanuman Chalisa“, in Sydney.

Bhajji, an offie, has added a doosra which goes the other way. But his teesra, like Shiva’s third eye can unnerve the toughest of tribals. Shiva used his teesra to burn Manmatha, but Bhajji’s teesra did enough to set the cricket world on fire.

Had not Malcolm Speed acted true to his name for the ICC, the flames could have easily enveloped the whole world, which would have brought Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Manmohan Singh to the burning hot lines.

And when all this is happening, how can you keep the World’s #1 boy scout George W. Bush silent? He would have administered a stern warning to both Iran and North Korea to “keep off” India and Australia while praising Pervez Musharraf for his efforts in fighting terrorism between shooting snipers and suicide bombings that rocks Pakistan every other day.


Finally when name means everything, Ratan Tata chose a name that means a lot for his cute one-lakh rupee car. ‘Nano’ is one billionth of a second and indeed can be considered small. In Tata’s Gujarati, ‘Nanu Chhe’, it is ‘the little one’. Even in Kannada “nano!” means “it’s me!”

Tata could have named it “Nano!”. But that would have been 5 characters. Trust Tata to choose only a 4-letter word like his name, the company’s name and the brand itself!