There’s Gandhi. There’s Ash. Now there’s Manoj.

They convey their “passion and concern” for unknown companies and unknown products to unknown people in a “short timeframe”. Some of us hang up on them rudely. Many of us make fun of their accents. And the regulators even pass orders restricting their trade. But, at the end of the night, telemarketers are as human as you and Manoj.

NIKHIL MORO forwards a YouTube video of the mockumentary “Manoj: Telemarketer Elite“. Written, directed and produced by Steve Anthopoulos, the award-winning film chronicles the life and phone calls of “India’s Madonna“, the most testing day of whose life was Augsut 6, 2005, when the President of India called him to negotiate with Mr Terrorist.

“I’ve your financial records here, and I have reason to believe that your incapable of proceeding with this attack without exhausting your resources.”