Dear Dr Prannoy Roy: Thank you, but you know…

“Opt-out” is a technology that allows satellite television companies to offer region-specific programming, and Prannoy Roy‘s NDTV 24×7 was the first to employ it in India.

So, at 7 pm every day, while the rest of the country watches something “national”, viewers in the south of the country break away from the national feed and watch a half-hour programme called Southern Edition, which is alternately anchored out of Bangalore, Madras and Hyderabad.

Presumably, the same breakaway technology allows NDTV to do a regular cinema show called Hyderabad Talkies, in which the anchor T.S. Sudhir talks to various denizens of the southern film industry. Tamil-Telugu stars like Vikram and Venkatesh, Ajith and Nagarjuna, Trisha Krishnan and Prakash Raaj have been spotted on it.

Perhaps you should not look a gifthorse in the mouth because, at least, you are not being imposed with the cinematic conquests of god-knows-which botoxified Khan, Kumar, Khanna or Kapoor.

Perhaps, you should not seek linguistic or cinematic equality on a commercial television channel that is a listed entity answerable first to investors and shareholders, only then to viewers.

Perhaps, but where are the Kannada cinema stars you might like to ask: When will we see Ganesh, the boy from Adakamaranahalli (in picture), whose easy charm made him a major star with Mungaru Male and whose Gaali Pata releases today?

When will we see Ramya, the petite Kannada girl who also stars in Tamil and Telugu? When will we see Girish Karnad and Girish Kasaravalli, Guru Kiran and Jayant Kaikini?

# Does Kannada cinema not count for NDTV?
# Is the programme scope hampered by the anchor’s lack of knowledge of Kannada?
# Is the NDTV audience in the South not interested in Kannada cinema?
# Should only southern movie stars who speak fluent English find a place?
# Will NDTV only air the achievements of commercially successful cinema?
# Are the feats of Kannada cinema and stars too small for the South to take note of?

Then again, isn’t that the whole point of the media: not to tell the people what they already know but to tell the people who didn’t know that Ganesh existed, that Ganesh is a major movie star?

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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