One woman speaks up for five crore Kannadigas

As the loose-tongues of the mother tongue flap around like cracked canines, with scarcely any debate on what such vigilante justice could be doing to Kannada, Kannadigas and Karnataka, one woman has chosen to kick them where it hurts most.

After a media conference called by her to divulge details of how she had spent her Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) funds was disrupted by the loudmouths of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, Kanakapura MP Tejaswini Sriramesh has responded in kind at being labelled anti-Kannada:

“I do not need lessons from those who do roll-call in the name of Kannada; from those who do goondagiri with the Kannada flag in their hands; from those who destroy public property; and from those who assault a woman in the presence of senior citizens. Nobody has the right to take matters into their hands.”

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Sign of an alive democracy or a sad mobocracy?

M.S. Sathyu vs Karnataka Rakshana Vedike

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News