Stock brokers never wear bull bottom pants

Brokers at the Bombay Stock Exchange are clamouring for vaastu experts to be brought in to change the direction of the bronze bull statue that has been erected at the footsteps of the BSE building on Dalal Street, reports the BBC. They say that the posterior of the five-foot-tall bull, installed on January 12, points towards the traders which makes it inauspicious. The installation of the statue has coincided with some of the worst falls in stock prices.

Photograph: courtesy Hindustan Times


“Angry when hungry”, AMAR NARAYAN forwards a picture of the Wall Street bull and brings some heartwarming, well, handwarming news:

“The New York bull’s rear end doesn’t seem to affect these happy tourists. I’ve even seen some over-enthusiastic tourists posing for photos with its brass balls in their hands.

“Directly behind this bull’s behind is a small park, beyond which is the beautifully constructed Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian (red ones, not brown). Earlier, it used to house the US Customs office. But I have no idea if they are/were suffering losses.”

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