History is a mystery wrapped in an Indian enigma

Shivanand Kanavi in Ghadar Jari Hai:

“It is intriguing that a nation that groaned under the colonial yoke for 200 years and whose pre-colonial past is glorified by some and decried by others, is researched and documented in only a fragmentary fashion. We continue to be indifferent to rediscovering ourselves even after gaining political independence. Our schoolteachers rarely take students to museums or monuments and do not teach history in a living fashion; our history departments in 200+ Universities remain under-funded and totter on the verge of being declared “non-merit” by administrators influenced by market economics. On the other hand, we continue to boast of a 5,000-year-old civilisation, but when confronted by foreigners or our own conscience, we find few books that tell our past in a way that ignite popular imagination.”

(Son of the Kannada poet Chennaveera Kanavi, and a theoretical physicist from IIT Kanpur and Northeastern University, Boston, Shivanand Kanavi is vice-president (special projects) at Tata Consultancy Services. He is also the author of Sand to Silicon: The amazing story of digital technology)

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