When the breaking news is heartbreaking “news”

Ganeshana Maduve,’ is a phrase that sees smiles erupt on Kannadiga faces because of a delightful caper of the same name. Sure enough, Kannada star Ganesh‘s maduve on the night of February 11, produced some smiles for a while, but…

But the lightning speed (apparently invitees came to know of it only an hour before), the hush-hush (slated for February 18, it was advanced by a full week), the bride’s earlier marriage and dramatic divorce, the possibility of “pressure” on the groom from Dubai, have all been furiously speculated by the mainstream Kannada media with a shameless tabloid brazenness that boggles the mind.

But two things stand out from a distance. The first is the natural affection that the “Golden Star” of Mungaaru Male and Gaali Pata commands.

Quite in contrast to the faux, even fake, reverence with which every Kannada star is held, producers, directors, friends, fans, anchors, almost nobody ever felt the need to refer to the boy from Adakamaranahalli who made it big in Gandhinagar in plural. Avanu was a word that tripped off most tongues. In an industry where you can put a foot in the door only if you are somebody’s son or daughter, the democratisation of a star is a sight.

The second is the timing of Ganeshana Maduve. For a smallscreen star who implanted himself on the Kannadiga consciousness through the nightly programme “Comedy Time”, which went on air on Udaya TV at 10.30 pm, how very appropriate that news of his wedding should have been broken (heartlessly to his female fans) around the same time: 10.44 pm.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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