Are women less corruptible than men?

YOGESH DEVARAJ in San Jose, California, draws attention to a November 2007 story by Soutik Biswas on the BBC website about women in the Banda area of Uttar Pradesh wearing pink sarees, forming a vigilante “gang for justice”, and striking fear in the hearts of corrupt officials and boorish men.

The women unabashedly take law into their hands and thrash men who have abandoned or beaten their wives. They have stormed a police station and attacked a policeman after he refused to register a case involving a dalit.

“When men can’t stop giving or taking bribes, there is not the slightest chance of their fighting corruption. It is good to read that UP women have taken this initiative to punish corrupt officials. Hope this movement percolates to other parts and States of India or is it too much to wish for? Can women in Karnataka start a similar movement in the name of “Chamundi” who fought over evil Mahishasura…,” writes Yogesh.
On the other hand, given the track record of Jayalalithaa and Mayawati as chief ministers, and the performance of women ministers and bureaucrats, MLAs, corporators and zilla panchayat members, is there anything to suggest that women are less susceptible to corruption than men?
Photograph: courtesy BBC

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