Beware the wrath of the stolen dachshund!

TRIVANDRUM: A thief who made off with a tailor’s pet dog from Cochin a year ago has belatedly made repentance by leaving a puppy at the house and also pledging to exit his ‘trade’.

After 10-year-old Ruby, a dachshund, went missing in December 2006, M.J. George had decided not to raise pets any more. But on February 4, his son Jose spotted a small puppy in the vacant kennel in a small cardboard box along with a computer-printed letter there.

“Life has turned worse for me since I took your dog. So I am returning it in this form. I am leaving this job for good. Do please inform all. I am sorry to have caused so much inconvenience to you all. I won’t come to your locality ever,” said the letter in Malayalam. The author signed off as kallan (thief) which he scribbled with a pencil in the end.