If Pawar’s BCCI could, why not Pawar’s ministry?

Ramesh Ramanathan in The Mint:

“If liberalisation in the 1990s unlocked the entrepreneurial energy of India, and allowed the trickle of wealth creation to begin, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has broken open the dam on the debate about markets in our country. In one stroke, it has moved the theatre of action on free markets from the chandelier-tinkling conference rooms of Delhi to the galis and nukkads of every town and village in India. Millions of Indians will now, forever, engage viscerally in a manner that no trickle-down process could ever achieve….

“Overseeing the bonanza for BCCI while presiding over a sleepy agriculture ministry, Sharad Pawar‘s got to be thinking: “there must be some lessons here in creating an open market for rural credit” that mere exhortations and loan waivers won’t do—ironic timing here, IPL happening on the eve of this Budget. Or, that if BCCI could turn around a concept such as IPL in less than a year, what prevents the National Horticulture Mission from working at a similar pace, embracing some of the same principles to accelerate the creation of a cold chain infrastructure, creating incentives for states to deliver a knock-out punch to the outdated APMC Act.”

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