Pampa to Champa: What a fall, my countrymen!

The outrage of Kannada organisations at a poem written by a Canadian employee of the IT company Sasken that reportedly abuses and makes fun of Kannadigas, has taken a familiar route: the company’s premises have been ransacked, about 50 computers have been destroyed, there have been calls for the employee’s arrest and—wait for it—deportation from the country, besides the usual breastbeating about how IT companies are harming local culture.

On TV9, a viewer, watching the breathless coverage of the poem and after, expressed his reservations on the destruction of public and private property that has become the calling card of protestors.

Chandrashekhar Patil aka Champa, the president of the Kannada Sahitya Parishat, who has already articulated his desire that Kannadigas should emulate Raj Thackeray and follow the Shiv Sena model to protect Kannada, delivered this stunning justification, as anchor Ranganath Bharadwaj looked on, scarcely believing his ears:

“There is no need to make too much of vandalism when such incidents take place. So what? No one has died. They could have set the building on fire [if that was their intention].

“When a father gets angry with a son, he slaps him and sometimes teeth fall out. But because of the danger of teeth falling out, can a father stop himself from disciplining his son if he is going astray? This is like that.

“Repairee maad beku.

“We should deal with those who show disrespect to Kannada and Karnataka like central reserve police. There should be no evidence, no scars on the outside. But inside, the bones must be powdered.”

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