Will taxpayers help bring the UPA back to power?

Muralidhar Swaminathan on IBN Live:

“The UPA government has insured its political future with a Rs 60,000-crore cheque. The UPA will not pay for it but you, me and every taxpayer of the country will. If not today, tomorrow or three years down the line we have to pay this. The country’s taxpayers will pay to ensure the existing political combine returns to power. In short, the UPA is shamelessly trying to loot the country’s precious resources to further its own political ambitions…. Are we going to be mute spectators to this?

“The immediate questioning has centered around the source of funding for this largesse. But this is a secondary question. The primary one being: who has given political parties the right to appropriate funds? Will Parliament approve this mega ‘loan’ mela?

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