Raj Thackeray st Bombay b Iqbal Abdulla 19

The under-19 Indian team which won the World Cup last Sunday had only one player from Bombay: Iqbal Abdulla. The left-arm spinner had a 10-wicket haul in Malaysia, and was given the onerous task of ferrying the trophy from Bangalore, where the team landed, and handing it over to the BCCI authorities in Bombay. The class XII arts student hid the Cup in the kitchen of his 350-square foot flat in notorious Kurla.

Devendra Pandey reports in The Indian Express:

“With fame and some money pouring in, Abdulla is keen to change a few things. Like getting a first-class pass to travel in Bombay’s local trains instead of the second-class one which he says is a “pain”. As a newcomer to Bombay, he used to be thrilled watching planes take off and land at the airport as his house was on the flight path. Later this week, he will be putting his parents on a plane home, their first flight.”

His parents, Raj Thackeray kindly note, are from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Abdulla was spotted and brought to Bombay four years ago by an eager coach, and made his Ranji trophy debut last year.