This, in short, is the fate of our national dreams

NATIONAL ANTHEM: Jana gana mana. Some people want Sindh to be replaced with Kashmir in its lyrics. Some people refuse to sing it because it goes against their religious beliefs. Some people do not want to sing it in front of foreigners because it makes them uneasy.

NATIONAL SONG: Vande Mataram. Some people want to use it as a ‘test of patriotism‘. Some people wonder if it is against Islamic beliefs because it is a tribute to Goddess Durga. Some people wonder if it only spreads Hinduism at the expense of the minorities like Sikhs, Muslims and Christians.

NATIONAL BIRD: Peacock. Some people say less than 50 per cent of peacock population that was around in 1947 surviving as poaching, contamination of its food sources, destruction of its habitats, rages unabated. Some people are just too busy to be bothered to notice what’s happening.

NATIONAL ANIMAL: Tiger. Some people say only a grand total of 1,411 of them are left, a 50 per cent drop in their number in the last five years. Some people dispute the methodology. Some people dispute the numbers.

NATIONAL GAME: Hockey. Some people wonder if our national game has become our national shame after India failed to qualify. Some people wonder if we think it is like instant coffee that results can be produced as we like it.

Coming soon: National Flag, National Emblem, National Flower (lotus), National Fruit (mango)