‘The click of the sticks, like knitting needles…’

Rohit Brijnath in The Hindu:

“Hockey is in my DNA, it’s part of my code, as it is with millions from India. Its sound will never exit my brain, especially the click of sticks like knitting needles as we once bullied furiously for the ball, and the crack of ball colliding with the wood of goal. Of the many rites of passage as a boy, buying a hockey stick was one, flexing it, poking it with a compass, rubbing on oil, looking at it resting in the lonely corner of your room.

“Hockey had its own special pain, of the cork ball hitting unprotected shin in cold winter. It had its own way in which teams were made at lunch break at school, which involved a kid sitting on the ground, his eyes covered and picking sticks from a pile and throwing one to each side.”

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Cartoon: courtesy Mahmud/ Deccan Herald