In the new Karmayudh, war minus the shooting

SET Max, which will telecast the Indian Premier League, has unveiled a catchy promotion video. Like Twenty20 cricket itself, it is fast, frenzied, furious. But with so much stress in “Cricket ka Karmayudh” on power, colour, character, and confrontation, and the phraseology of war, you wonder.


On the CNN-IBN website, Sagarika Ghose compares Mahendra Singh Dhoni (the real one) with the Congress ‘s version, Rahul Gandhi:

“One is a representative of his undoubtedly exceptional family, trapped as well as enhanced by his surname, a member of a political party that is finding it increasingly difficult to open its doors to new young talent precisely because of its reliance on members of premier families. The other represents a family-less universe of talented individuals, who have clawed their way up through a tough system, who learnt to be streetsmart by the time they were adolescents, who had no doting fathers or mothers by their side and no cadres of family loyalists to ease the pain of daily competition.

“Two spheres: one, where sons follow their family businesses and take them to new heights or fail to perform. And another sphere that is steadily growing and proving far more seductive to the youth: where family and fathers and legacy are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is raw talent and luminous skill.

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