One question I am dying to ask… Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi completes 10 years at the helm of the Congress today, and difficult as it may be to believe, she has become the longest serving president of the Indian National Congress. In ten years, a reluctant foreign bahu, who spoke with a pronounced accent and was dead against her husband getting into politics, has become a canny, nationally recognisable figure, capable of keeping together a ragtag coalition of egotistical and self-serving politicians.

There are some who say the Congress is a much better party than the one she inherited; there are some others who say it is all downhill from here. There are some who say she represents dynastic politics at its worst; there are some others who say she has nothing to prove after having listened to her “inner voice” and saying no. There are some who say she is the Pope’s mole in Delhi; there are some who say she represents a future clean from religious hate.

What is the one question you are dying to ask Sonia Gandhi? Keep your queries, short, civil and shorn of misogynism.

Photograph: courtesy The Guardian/ London

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