One up, two down, old habits die hard

In the dictionary of democracy, an election may be an instrument of power. In realpolitik, an election is that brief pause in between elections when politicians make contact with reality as “We, the People” know it, to the pop of the flashbulbs.

After barely managing to step out of his SUVs for the better part of the last few years, Siddaramaiah deftly rides a scooter used by the late Azeez Sait on the eve of a Congress rally in Mysore on Saturday, as the countdown begins for the State assembly polls. It is not for the former deputy chief minister to strap on his helmet, of course, and a party colleague on his right feels no need to protect his head at all.

As a photo-op, it is a good way of getting on to the front pages, of course, but do voters really fall for these gimmicks in this day and age?

Photograph: Narayan Yadav/ Karnataka Photo News