Sri Sri Mahendra Singh and the Art of Giving

In the latest edition of Tehelka, Shantanu Guha-Ray goes to Ranchi to meet an electrician’s son whose motorcycles are worshipped, in true Ramayana style, by the devout when the bikes’ owner is away. Where an airline attendant wants the Birsa Munda airport to be renamed after the zeitgeist; a rooted young man willing to dip into his hip pocket and pull out his thick wallet.

“Generosity is one of the great root virtues in life, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni has already been displaying it in excess. He is a free-handed benefactor to his hometown, both in time and money. The Missionaries of Charity love his large-heartedness, as do the doctors who run the country’s biggest mental asylum in the heart of the town. Revealingly, when the State government offered him Rs 5 lakh, he returned it, asking that it be spent on Ranchi’s roads. Every visit he makes to the ancient Deorhi Temple in Tamar in Ranchi district makes the temple richer by a few thousands and the beggars on its steps by a few hundreds.”

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Link courtesy Nikhil Moro