Journalism’s 5 Ws and an H are gone, 4 Fs are in

“The dirty old man of Indian journalism”, Khushwant Singh, has used the occasion provided by M.J. Akbar‘s unceremonious exit from The Asian Age to deliver his own tablet on the state of Indian journalism, in the latest issue of Outlook:

“The scenario changed with the spread of television. People who saw events take place before their own eyes could not be bothered to read about them in the papers next morning. Fewer and fewer people read editorials.

Proprietors of newspapers sensed that editors were dispensable as they and their business managers could better meet the challenges posed by the electronic media. All it needed was to fill their pages with pictures of scantily-clad starlets or models, recipes for exotic foods, vintage wines, and gossip.

“The formula could be summed up in four Fs: films, fashion, food and fuck editors.

“The hard truth about Indian journalism is that proprietors matter, editors do not; money counts, talent does not.”

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Five Ws and an H