North: Congress vs BJP, South: Congress v JDS?

Former chief minister S.M. Krishna in an interview with Y.P. Rajesh, the resident editor of The Indian Express, Bombay, on the eve of his departure for Karnataka, to take over the Congress reins:

“The BJP will be our challenge in northern districts of Karnataka while it is the Janata Dal (S) in southern parts of the state. It is tough, but people have seen the BJP and Janata Dal regimes. They have tasted the rule of a Janata Dal-Congress coalition and a Janata Dal-BJP coalition and they have seen a single party Government before that, so now they can compare and make an assessment.

“My battleplan is to remind the people of Karnataka the kind of Government they lived under during those five years from 1999 to 2004. I’ll remind them of the degree of development and the programmes launched at that time which were on a sustainable wicket. Now, it is for the people to compare.”

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