Top-down or bottom-up, it’s there for all to see

Telugu and Tamil actor Shriya Saran (left) ran afoul of the Hindu Makkal Katchi in “conservative” Madras in January for appearing in this “provocative” costume at a private funciton. “The off-white dress that rode up her knees while she sat and a plunging neckline that highlighted her hour-glass figure” were deemed offensive to “Hindu culture” by the self-appointed judge, jury and executioners.

Meanwhile, in bindaas Bangalore, Budweiser babes (right) marched past, if you can call it that, with their heads and legs high in public, to sell a few more kegs of beer. Pictures like these dutifully made it to the homes of hundreds of thousands more through the next morning’s newspapers. And this despite a recent ban on surrogate advertising.

Photographs:, and Karnataka Photo News

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