Why everybody loves bashing up a good Bihari

Despite the frowns and whines, they uncomplainingly work as unskilled or semi-skilled labour, as security guards and as auto/taxi drivers; they sell vegetables, betel leaves, and tea; they run farm machinery and construction industries; they fill up professional colleges in the South and West, and call centres.

Yet, from Assam to Punjab, from Nepal to Maharashtra to Karnataka, bashing up “Biharis”, i.e. migrants from Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh, has become a major cottage industry. IIT Madras professor Shreesh Chaudhary, a frequent visitor to Bihar, on why Biharis have become the new pet-hate across the country:

“They are despised for the same reasons as are Indians abroad — they respect law, they give more than they get, they help their compatriots, and, thus, succeed more than a second rate immigrant group is expected to. They turn out to be serious competition for the local contenders….

“Biharis do not know what being master is like, but they make model servants. They are loyal and hardworking. No work is too mean or big for them. They stay clear of the police, prostitutes, press and politicians. Liquor and tobacco, except of the grinding kind, are still taboos to them.

“Why do Biharis then not stay home and use these attributes to change their own fortune? At home these qualities would not be enough, they would also need initiative and enterprise, and, as Jawarhalal Nehru (autobiography, p.489) said, few Biharis have these.

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