All the money in the world cannot buy you…

Some of India’s most visible brands have an incredible propensity to put out some incredibly inane advertisements. Coca-Cola continues to be the gold-standard. But whipper-snappers like Airtel are fast showing that money can buy everything in the world, except the happiness of a good ad.

One recent Airtel commercial of two boys across the India-Pakistan border playing football seemed like a poor copy of an “8PM” liquor ad in which two soldiers end their hostilities over whisky after nightfall.

In this TVC, currently on air, a father (possibly a railway engineer) plays “Join the Dots” with his daughter over the cellphone. Cute, yes, but where in India do they still have broad gauge steam locomotives running? And in which century India does an engineer have his cellphone delivered to him by a slave when there is a call?

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