Yedi, steady, smile with tongue firmly in cheek

“Gujarat Model” is the mantra on every BJP lip as the party begins its quest for the mandate of the masses in Karnataka. Obviously, the three-tier plank of “sushasan (governance), vikas (development) and surakasha (security)” is what the party means by “Gujarat Model”.

Which is all very well. But a not insignificant part in Narendra Modi‘s thumping return to power last December was played by the mask that his supporters adorned. Result: whichever way they turned, Gujarat voters encountered the smiling visage of their chief minister.

In contrast, the BJP in Karnataka has a small problem, with B.S. Yediyurappa‘s permanent scowl rendering him him not very photogenic. Which of the eight pictures (above), or from the three pictures (below), could/should the BJP image-managers pick to help Yedi “Modify” for the purposes of a mask?

And which of these pictures could help him take oath?

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News

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One leg in the chair, two eyes on the chair

Yedi, steady, go: all the gods must be crazy