The two sins that are corroding our democracy

Pratap Bhanu Mehta in The Indian Express:

“Our politics is now beset by two corrosive sins: a culture of avoidance, where those in leadership positions shy away from confronting difficult issues; and a culture of simple-mindedness, where attributing blame passes off as causal analysis, no matter what the issue: communalism, caste, foreign policy, inflation.

“Both sides of the biblical injunction, reason and togetherness, are important for democratic politics. Reason, because a politics that resists an understanding of the complex forces that shape society is a politics bound for self-destruction. Being argumentative is not the same thing as engaging in reason. Togetherness, because, in a society devoid of any sense of itself as sharing the same fate, citizens will not think it important to care for or justify their positions to each other.”

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