Since Kingfisher Airlines is only to promote water

If there was any doubt that booze baron Vijay Mallya may have named the Bangalore IPL team “Royal Challengers” to promote a whisky brand owned by the UB group, it has been wiped out by the no-holds-barred branding within the M. Chinnaswamy stadium.

The “doctorate of philosophy in business administration from the University of South California” who bought the Bangalore franchise for Rs 446 crore will welcome spectators and television audiences to the Royal Challenge Pavilion, the Royal Challenge Terrace and the Royal Challenge North Terrace.

And, in case the blind are too blind to notice, to the Signature Executive, McDowell Best View, Bagpiper Standview, Antiquity Members’ Stand as well. For the record, the Supreme Court of India, in its infinite wisdom, has declined to intervene. And for the record, surrogate advertising is banned in India.

Clearly, Mallya, an honourable member of the Rajya Sabha—in other words, an “Elder”—does not believe he could be sending the wrong signal to young, impressionable minds?

Photograph: Mallya meets the umpires for tomorrow’s IPL opening match between the Royal Challengers and the Calcutta Knight Riders in Bangalore on Thursday (Karnataka Photo News)

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