Something someone else wants you to want?

Nirmal Shekar in The Hindu:

“In an age of aggressive marketing and frenzied attention-grabbing, genuine fans must have the wisdom to ask themselves this question: Is this what I really want or is this what someone else wants me to want?

“The problem is, we quite often conflate big money with real value. Scientific experiments have proved this to be true across cultures and evolutionary psychologists know the reason why we do this.

“Recently, Stanford University scientists conducted a wine tasting experiment in which people were given bottles with a range of prices, from $5 to $90. “The subjects consistently reported that the more expensive wines tasted better, even when they were actually identical to the cheaper wines,” reported Boston Globe.

“Herein lies the problem with IPL. Cricket has not seen anything richer. Will the big money subconsciously translate into ‘high value’ and ‘quality’ in our minds? It shouldn’t. But who knows?”

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