If a doctor’s son can be a doctor, why can’t…?

Nothing shows a human being in his truest colours than the denial of power—or at least the tantalising possibility of attaining it.

Subhash Bharani, the high-falutin’ IPS officer who took voluntary retirement to put his hand in the electoral till, thought it was a foregone certainty that he would get a Congress ticket. When the Congress decided against entertaining recently retired officials, he joined the BJP, apparently after making sure that the JDS’s doors would be open if that party too had second thoughts.

But the new Congress “rule” of denying tickets to children of serving politicians has left many seething. Former railway minister C.K. Jaffer Sharief was hoping to sneak in his grandson Abdul Wahab Sharief, and Margaret Alva wanted a ticket for her son Nivedit Alva. But on not finding his potha‘s name on the list, Sharief has gone for the jugular.

“This policy should be followed at the national level,” he has said, hinting at you-know-who.

“If a farmer wants his son to be a farmer, a doctor wants his son to be a doctor, and an engineer wants his son to be an engineer, what is wrong if a politician also wants his son to follow in his footsteps? The only sin he has committed is that he is a politician. Only those who have worked in the constituency and have credibility among the people ask for tickets. Maybe we don’t have credibility,” said Sharief.

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News (left), courtesy The Hindu (right)

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