And a snapshot of a simple devotee of Lord Ram

A van was seized around 1.15 am in Ashokapuram in Mysore on Saturday, April 19 with Rs 5 lakh in cash. The deputy commissioner and district election officer P. Manivannan in his report to the Election Commission writes:

“The vehicle’s door was opened before me and four bags were found. One bag had 10 bundles of Rs. 500 notes and the other bag had two bundles of pamphlets. The other bags contained the voters’ list of Krishnaraja constituency and there was also a list of names, telephone numbers and addresses of voters.

“When the dashboard of the car was opened, a digital camera was found which had three photographs of A. Ramadas. In addition, the vehicle contained insurance bonds, copies of the Ramayana and Ugadi greetings from Ramdas. [The driver of the car Padmanabha too was carrying Rs 44,800 of cash in his pocket.]”

The candidate in question, A. Ramadas also known as S.A. Ramadas, in his affidavit accompanying his nomination papers for the Krishnaraja constituency in Mysore, swears:

# He has no house or car of his own. All he has is a 1992 model Hero Honda motorcycle worth Rs 30,000.

# He has Rs 25,000 in cash, and bank deposits of Rs 2.8 lakh.

# He has 200 grams of gold jewellery and for kilograms of silver worth Rs 3.5 lakh.

# He owns one-fifth of 3.39 acres of land in Kasaba hobli of Malavalli taluk worth Rs 49,000.

Ramadas claims he has assets of just Rs 7.33 lakh which means he doesn’t have funds to spend even the Rs 10 lakh that he is allowed to spend.


For the record, Ramadas, was among 33 legislators who failed to declare his assets in 1999-2000 in the stipulated period as required by the Lok Ayukta. For the record, Ramadas distributed thousands of sarees to members of his constituency before the election code of conduct could come into effect before the 2008 elections. And, for the record, Ramadas had to publicly deny any role in getting then commissioner of the Mysore Urban Development Authority, P. Manivannan, transferred for becoming a hurdle in the path of land sharks and the real estate mafia in Mysore.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News