Dear God: Here are 4 good reasons to throttle IPL

Mukul Kesavan, son of the first national librarian of independent India, the Mysore-born B.S. Kesavan, in The Telegraph:

“The English Premier League’s audience has been built over a century of league football; it’ll be very hard for the Indian Premier League to instantly produce the traditional partisanship, the long-brewed loyalty that sustains club football.

“Secondly, English and European club football is played in the traditional, ninety-minute format that has always defined the game, whereas IPL has invested massive sums of money in an abbreviated, untried version of the game with no history, no undergirding loyalties and a very narrow geographical base.

“Thirdly, where the EPL sells football, the IPL has made the fatal mistake of selling razzmatazz. Over time, this will trivialize the league because the glitz will make it hard for its potential fan base to take the matches seriously. Loyalty, in the end, is a serious business.

“Finally, the IPL will fail (pray god) because any form of cricketing theatre in which bowlers are cast as extras, can’t possibly create the tension essential for great drama.”

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