If 20 months could make Kumara a Kubera, then…

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji was frowning as she peered at her voter identity card.

“Don’t you like your picture, ajji,” I asked.

“Like? They have made me look like a cross between Puthni and Shoorphanaka. This is what you get when your picture is taken from a computer. I tried to smile as usual while facing the camera. The typist sitting there asked me not to move. When I tried to see who is ordering me about, my picture was already taken. I look terrible!”

“Don’t worry. You will use this only once in 5 years or whenever there is an election. By the way, have you decided which party you are going to vote for?”

Krishna paramathma had promised he will take birth in any yuga to destroy the evil forces whenever they exceed the good. As promised, S.M. Krishna landed here to take the Congress party to moksha. But there are more evil forces in his own party! His party is also heading for ‘Yadavi Kalaha’ at each turn. They are on ‘self-destruct’ mode like Yadavas. I am not sure if Congress will survive at the end.”

“What about BJP?”

“They have a Bhishma pithamaha in L.K. Advani. He is once again ready to hop into a chariot wearing his kirita, bow and arrow to dash off to fight an unknown enemy. But he has with him two permanently quibbling brothers, Chitraveerya and VichitraveeryaB.S. Yediyurappa and Ananth Kumar—who have to be kept apart lest they finish each other. I am again not sure about BJP.”

“Then Only JD(S) is left, like the gaade goes, ‘Haaloorige ulidavane Gowda antha! Will you then vote for JD(S)?”

Appa makkala kathene bere. Kumaranna papa; he spent most of his time sleeping on the bare ground in villages eating kadalekayi and bella. Yet he has become a Kuberanna in just 20 months! If he becomes a CM for a full term, he will end up as Kuberana appa!”

“Then you are not going to vote any of the parties? What will you do with your precious vote?”

“You have not taken me to Rameshwara so far. At least take me to Rameshwar Thakur’s Janata Darshan. I want to vote for him. Let him continue. It is the best thing that can happen for all of us,” said Ajji.