Has Bhajji exposed Sachin with one tight slap?

Former CBI director R.K. Raghavan in The Hindu:

“No cricket fan will be amused by what happened at Mohali. By all accounts, Harbhajan Singh slapped a hapless S. Sreesanth, all because the latter made a gratuitous remark, ‘hard luck’, which a captain losing three successive matches could not stomach….

“Now we know who spoke the truth when Andrew Symonds complained against Bhajji in Australia. That was a shameful cover-up in which a magnanimous Sachin (Tendulkar) also took part and blotted his reputation.

“Twenty20 has already won ignominy through the so-called cheerleaders, whose public display of flesh is deplorable. It is widely believed that the BCCI has lost its sense of proportion because of unabashed Mammon worship.”

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